Administration Menu

Étienne Bersac bersace03 at
Sat Apr 29 14:40:35 BST 2006


>>> I do not see the point in having the Administration menu in the  
>>> System
>>> area for non Administrative accounts. These account can't use the
>>> Admin features, even with the admin password. It would also avoid
>>> confusion on where people need to go to do things.
>> This menu shouldn't appear for non Administrative accounts.

That should be discuss at ubuntu-desktop.

However, i find that non administrative item should be in Application- 
 >System Tools, because tools such as hal-device-manager or log  
viewer do not modify the system. Even more, in practice, Application- 
 >System Tools reappear after installing one or two usual program or  
edited menu to enable gconf-editor or new login. (Juste see g-a-i  
System Tools category).

I think that System->Administration should contain admin only task.  
i.e. just hide it for non admin/lpadmin users.


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