Bugging questions

Ian Jackson ian at davenant.greenend.org.uk
Fri Apr 28 14:03:45 BST 2006

Matt Zimmerman writes ("Re: Bugging questions"):
> Someone dropped launchpad from the relevant branch of this thread, but Colin
> and I are leaning toward "Escalated".

`Escalated' would be OK if what we mean is that we've filed the bug
upstream told Malone about that.  Really, what is happening there is
that the single real-world task is being shuffled around and that this
is being represented in Malone by one Malone-task being closed and a
new one opened.

But what if we mean that we've _not_ filed the bug upstream and would
like the submitter (or someone else who is interested, in any case not
us) to do so ?  That would correspond to setting the Malone task
against Ubuntu to the new `Won't fix here' status.  But `Escalated'
isn't the right word because it says that the real-world task has been
escalated whereas in fact it hasn't.

In bugzilla we had `Not for us' which is quite close.


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