Xen for Human Beings

Matthew Palmer mpalmer at hezmatt.org
Wed Apr 26 23:36:43 BST 2006

On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 11:40:50AM -0700, Erast Benson wrote:
> > Erast Benson wrote:
> >> But upcoming BrandZ[1] (Solaris 11 zones) will have additional syscall
> >> layer which will allow to run OpenSolaris-based distribution like
> >> NexentaOS[2] without *any* performance loss
> >
> > That's exceedingly unlikely. Every layer of abstraction that moves you
> > away from bare metal necessarily introduces some performance degradation.
> Please read what BrandZ is. There is no HW abstraction introduced. It only
> introduces tiny software layer of syscall's abstraction. Look at  "3.4.

And this tiny software layer manages to do it's work in zero time?  Amazing. 
They should use this marvellous technology for the rest of the OS, and then
it can do all possible work in zero time.

Or maybe there *is* a performance loss after all.

> >> and Linux-based distributions
> >> with minimal performance loss (5-10%), which is way more efficient than
> >> Xen/VMware/etc..
> >
> > Please read up on Xen's performance before making factually incorrect
> > claims.
> Nope. Xen technology badly loosing performance game to Zones, especially
> when you start running 10-20 nodes.

Show us the numbers.

> Zones are native. You could think of Zone as of chroot environment with
> networking interface.

So like Linux vservers then, just without the process segregation and
CPU/memory limits?

- Matt

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