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Abel Cheung abelcheung at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 00:16:21 BST 2006

On 4/22/06, Scott Dier <dieman at ringworld.org> wrote:
> Ivan Krstic wrote:
> > Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> >> 3- ask them to please add "ubuntu" as a separate subdomain, and use that
> >
> > Given that [0-3].debian.pool.ntp.org are CNAMEs for [0-3].pool.ntp.org,
> >  what's the point of using a vendor-specific pool, other than one extra
> > DNS lookup?
> I'm guessing they want to make it easier to disable entire vendors
> products if necessary.  I'm guessing this is useless since the 'good'
> vendors will comply and the 'bad' vendors will continue to abuse the
> crap out of specific NTP servers.

Looks like you are correct. They even have web page about this vendor


From the page, they say the primary concern is the loading and traffic
of the ntp servers (e.g. flawed ntp client flooding servers). If we are using
our own server ntp people might actually be happier.


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