Default development language: AE <-> BE

Michael V. De Palatis depalatis at
Sun Apr 23 21:09:19 BST 2006

I suppose the best way to choose which spellings to use would be to
look at demographics. I.e., what is the percentage of users that use
"American English spellings" versus those who use "British English
spellings." I use the quotes since BE spellings are also used in other
countries as well.

One question I have, though, is why do you think the OED is better
than any other dictionary? If it's really good, it probably has the AE
spellings anyway :)


On 4/23/06, Sebastian Heinlein <liste at> wrote:
> Which language should be used in documentation and UI: American English
> or British English?
> I got a bug report about using "analyse" and not "analyze".
> Personally I would vote for BE since we could refer to the Oxford
> Dictonary.
> Thanks,
> Sebastian
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