Jonathon Anderson janders5 at
Sat Apr 22 20:25:40 BST 2006

I'm blown away.

I started using dapper repos a few weeks ago, and part of using it in
that alpha stage is a large number of daily package
changes/installs/upgrades. Well, that left me with this unclean feeling,
that I had bunches of packages installed that I didn't need or want.

Enter gtkorphan

Now I _know_ what's at the end of my dependency tree. I learned that
ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard aren't part of ubuntu-desktop. I
cleaned out probably close to 100 library packages (most transitional or
old versions) and deleted abandoned config files for removed packages
(cough... amarok... cough).

I really think that this functionality should be refined (it's obviously
in need of a little polish) and either adopted by Ubuntu as an official
package (I think it's in universe right now) or be integrated into
Synaptic (a much bigger deal, but wouldn't it be nice?)

Any thoughts?


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