Easier internet configuration

Srecko Morovic smorovic at fizika.org
Tue Apr 18 15:28:33 BST 2006

Étienne Bersac <bersace03 <at> laposte.net> writes:

> Hello,
> > so it is not an unlikely case, but it seems like most european  
> > broadband
> > providers use this kind of dial-in equipment.
> I agree. Luckely, in France, societies ship "box" and their is a real  
> run about who will ship the most functionnal box (including VoIP,  
> ADSL, TV, Router, Wifi, etc.). That run was initiated by Free (free.fr).
> But a lot of people still use usb modem. Especially out of big towns.

In Croatia provider (kindly) gave a choice between USB and ethernet (PPPoE) ADSL
modems. Of course anyone with a brain picked second. Works flawlessly with
pppoeconf and pon/poff, while other one is PITA to get working, if even possible.

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