breezys update-manager updated, please help testing

Michael Vogt michael.vogt at
Tue Apr 18 09:39:33 BST 2006

Dear Friends,

a new version of the update-manager application has entered
breezy-updates. This version is capable of upgrading to dapper. 

Please help testing this feature! You don't have to run a dist-upgrade
now to help testing, it is helpful if you just let it calculate the
upgrade and cancel then (the log of this contains useful information

To test a upgrade you need breezy-updates in your sources.list and the
latest versions of the packages there. Then please run (either via
ALT-F2 or a terminal): 
gksudo "update-manager -d"

The "-d" switch makes it look for not-yet-released versions (like
dapper :). Without this switch it will not tell you about a new
release until it is actually released. 

It should then inform you about a new release and let you upgrade. It
is save to run it to the point when it says "Do you want to start the
upgrade?". If you cancel then your system will be in its original
state. If you click "Ok" there it will upgrade your system to dapper. 

Either way, please send me the result of /var/log/dist-upgrade*.log
via private mail so that I can have a look. Please also send me the
log when something goes wrong, it contains the required information to
fix things :)


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