Storage encryption

Filippo Spike Morelli fsm at
Sat Apr 15 12:32:13 BST 2006


doing some readings on storage encryption I came across the EncryptedStorage 
wiki page [1]. Around middle of the page, "Notes from Mataro" section, you 
can read:

-- start quote ---

2 Curent altenatives: 
	FUSE - Basic design flaws (Not accepted by upstream) 
	Encrypted block devices. Encrypted block device solution is the only one 
possible because of the flaws with fuse.

-- end quote ---

I've googled trying to figure out what the design flaws were about, but failed 
(unless what you'rereferring to as a design flaw is the whole idea of 
pass-through filesystems). Could anybody explain the problem please?

Also, in the "Removable Storage Devices" section there are some very 
interesting ideas/things pending, is there any ETA for any of them? Who 
should I contact if I wanted to help?



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