Firefox right-click disabled

Alexandre Strube surak at
Thu Apr 13 16:21:55 BST 2006

Em Qui, 2006-04-13 às 09:41 -0500, Jerry Haltom escreveu:
> I'd just like to add to the conversation, if it helps. Our company has
> internal web sites which require right click trapping, for context
> menus. Turn these off, Firefox is out.

Sorry Jerry, but your message does not add to this conversation. People
may understand this almost as a little threat. What may seem as a
problem for you is highly desired for others. You say your site needs
context right-click. The OP said the same. To be honest, those are the
very only examples of good use of right-click i've seen until now.

This is already configurable on firefox 1.5. They are suggesting the it
uses a yellow warning, such as popups do (well, there are popups which
insist to appear even in firefox, but hey).

By the way, the yellow warning is a good idea.

Alexandre Strube <surak at>

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