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>> RH offers a good exam, and people who pass it are justifiably proud of
>> it. I have some inside contacts into how they do it, and I'm assured
>> the process is rigorous and quality is the only thing. The PR
>> department seems to make some claims about the exam that they can't
>> back up, and they are especially fond of bashing other programs, but
>> that doesn't detract from the work the technical folks put together.

As an RHCE, I would like to see UCP exams being more (drasticly more)
complicated than RHCE exams. Questions in RHCE are good and cover
different aspects of RedHat distribution, but they looked too easy for
me (answered 100% of exam in half of dedicated time).

It should be noted that no one with RHCE considers it self better than
anyone else. This certificates are needed for the company. They help you
get a job, but tell nothing about you. But, if the company has X RHCEs,
then that company becomes RedHat Partner. As a RedHat partner it has
higher market value, meaning getting bigger and better jobs. That
company invested money in RHCE exams, and bigger market value is outcome
of that investment.

This has absolutly nothing to do with coding. Most of the time good
sysadmins aren't good coders. They can make something fast (in C,
Python, Perl, whatever), but that's only to make their sysadmin life easier.

As I understand, LPI3 would be about coding.

>> Nothing in the Ubuntu exam overlaps with LPIC-1, we even had to omit
>> Postfix - it looks and feels so much like sendmail that the results
>> wouldn't measure much. So it was dropped to make way for other stuff.

Doh... :(((

>> computer delivered exams. Clerical staff need to be paid, proctors
>> have to be transported to the exam venue to supervise, etc, etc. $100
>> is dirt cheap, compare what it costs to write some other exams.

100$ is unbelivable cheap. You can double that to 200$. At last, Ubuntu
foundation has to make living out of money :)

> What is disappointing to me is the fact that a man like the so called self 
> believed dictator who stands for a very well reputated educational 

self apointed benelovent dictator for life (sabdfl)

> foundations /projects (shuttleworth foundation SA, schooltool project) and by 
> this should be able to have a wider foresight of what in the long run may 
> result in such a (<sarcasm>stupid</sarcasm>) decission. 

I would really like to hear what OP thinks reasult would be :)

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