Scott J. Henson scotth at
Wed Apr 5 22:45:37 BST 2006

Timo Aaltonen wrote:
> We've used them both successfully for two years now (in addition to
> libnss-ldap).. nscd is IMO essential for LDAP-environments, otherwise
> the LDAP-servers could choke because of multiple connections per
> client. libpam-ldap is needed as well, I don't know of any free
> replacement..
More of my curiosity hit and it seems like dapper won't even boot with
libnss-ldap enabled.  It just sits there starting the kernel event
something.  It seems as though its taking forever to contact the ldap
server.  I can get it to boot if I move the nsswitch.conf out of the
way, boot into single user mode, move it back, start nscd, and then
continue to boot.  Is anyone else seeing that behavior? 

I know my network can be slow, but hoary boots with the same setup using
the same ldap servers.  We had to use nscd otherwise it tore up out ldap
server, but dapper seems unusable in this configuration. 

Also, on my system nscd didn't create /var/db/nscd nore /var/run/nscd,
so it won't start to begin with.  I'm going to file a bug on that, but
it seems like dapper has some major issues working with ldap and such. 
Is anyone else seeing that? 

Scott Henson
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