Changelog attributions

Rocco Stanzione grasshopper at
Mon Apr 3 14:14:59 BST 2006

I've submitted a few patches, and some of them have been merged.  Of those, 
some of them were attributed to me in the changelog and some were not.

I'm sure the mysterious motivations for contributors to free software differ 
from developer to developer, but no small part of my personal motivation is 
to see my name in a changelog, which will eventually be a google hit, which 
may at some point contribute to my ability to get a better job.  Is there no 
policy to attribute patches to their contributors?  To be honest (with 
myself) this probably has a little to do with ego, but it has more to do, I 
think, with credit where it's due - thanking programmers, translators, 
proofreaders, packagers etc. for their efforts in a small but important way.  
If no such policy exists, I propose that it be created.


Rocco Stanzione

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