Xorg error messages are poor

Paul van Genderen paulvg at member.fsf.org
Mon Apr 3 09:16:06 BST 2006

Sounds like you want to reinvent error hashes (a hash generated from
error state data for easy lookup in a database of articles... actually i
don't know if they are called error hashes, but such a thing or
something similar iirc exists already, though i don't know if it's ever
been done in FLOSS, because the problem is that if everyone compiles
from source, it doesn't make much sense because each set of config.h,
compiler, shared libraries, etc may be different, though in a single
distro it's easier)

BTW i discovered the reply all button! does it work? :)

Kind regards, /P
Op vr, 31-03-2006 te 13:50 -0500, schreef Borden Rhodes:
> As a Linux newbie of 2 months, I'd like to throw in my two
> cents' worth on the bash and X discussion.
> First, as there seems to be some insinuation to this effect,
> newbies are not stupid or lazy.  I, for one, am desperate to
> learn and contribute to the community, but orienting oneself
> in the Open Source universe takes a lot of time - or maybe
> I'm going about it the hard way.  Alas, I digress...
> Anyway, to my point.  One of my greatest frustrations,
> because X programs are breaking all the time on my Dapper
> install, is trying to source the problem.  My current
> hacking strategy (because I don't know any others) is to
> Google "Ubuntu crash <insert program here>" and see what I
> come up with.  The useful troubleshooting steps that I can
> find ALWAYS involve Bash so, yes, it must be newbie friendly
> (even with a lot of Windows hacking experience Linux
> troubleshooting is still a problem for me).
> To facilitate this, Ubuntu needs better error messages than
> the one that I got in Totem when I inserted a DVD "Unable to
> play DVD disc.  No reason."  What would be great is a
> human-readable debugging dump without a lot of numbers and
> punctuation like in a kernel dump (and I've had my share of
> those too).  Ideally, the dump should be something that one
> can copy into Google to see if anyone else has run across
> the same thing.
> IMHO, I think this would help newbies a lot.
> Borden Rhodes
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