Menu order in Spanish (and others?)

Vincent Untz vincent at
Tue Sep 27 06:48:49 CDT 2005

On Tue, September 27, 2005 13:01, Ricardo Pérez López wrote:
> El mar, 27-09-2005 a las 12:41 +0200, Vincent Untz escribió:
>> On Tue, September 27, 2005 12:19, Ricardo Pérez López wrote:
>> > "MenuEditorPanelIntegration - Integrate the menu editor into the
>> > gnome-panel (the menu itself), to let the user changing the menu
>> > directly (using the right-click, for instance), and the ability to
>> sort
>> > the menu items arbitrary (now the items are sorted alphabetically,
>> > only)."
>> Sounds interesting (and to be honest, I've wondered about doing this
>> upstream). This would make menu editing easier. I'm not sure how to
>> change
>> the sort order using only context menus, though (and there's the problem
>> that context menus on menu items is really something that's not supposed
>> to really work well with GTK+...).
> Maybe the "right-click & context-menu" is not the best approach, but I
> think it could be a natural solution. For example:
> - Removing a menu item: Right-click over the item, and select "Remove
> from menu".

We had this before we started using the menu spec. There's even a bug
for this in GNOME bugzilla (can't find it... where's my bugzilla-fu?)

> - Adding a menu item in a sub-menu: Right-click over the submenu, and
> select "Add a new item".
> - Adding a menu item/submenu in the main menu: Right-click over the
> "Applications" word and select "Add a new item/submenu".

Hrm... And what should it do? Open a dialog like the "new launcher"
dialog? We can do this.

> - Arbitrary sort of menu items: could be done simply
> dragging-and-dropping the menu items across the menu, for example. (I
> don't know if GTK+ supports drag&drop of menu items...)

I don't think GTK+ supports this.

>> Also, there's been a lot of discussion in GNOME about the context menus
>> in menus. I can give a lot of pointers to soem bugs if you're interested
>> ;-)
> How many bugs? Are those bugs difficult to fix? I think this is a very
> interesting thing, because some people likes GNOME 2.8 over GNOME 2.10
> due to the lack of menu changing facilities (until smeg arrived, of
> course).

This is a useful tracker for menu bugs:

These bugs might interest you:
 + Should menu items have right click popups?
 + Actions menu should be editable
 + Difficulties in editing panel menus from context menu

Note that there are some plans upstream about the panel menus. But
there's not enough time to make code from these plans... Contributions
are welcome :-)


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