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Joao Inacio jcinacio at
Mon Sep 26 14:06:32 CDT 2005

What goes best in my pc:


Coincidently, this is the default in firefox windows install.

i am not infront of my ubuntu box atm, but am using some fonts from
windows (and also modified font settings... that 'crisp' thing ;)
all i can say is its *very* clean.

On 9/26/05, Ian Jackson <ian at> wrote:
> Bug 7196 complains that the fonts in Firefox are ugly.
> I agree and my current plan is to make at least the following changes
> to the default Firefox profile:
>  * Use sans-serif fonts, rather than serif fonts, when the
>    website doesn't specify.
>  * Set minimum font size to 11 (one less than the default size of 12).
> There is room for discussion about whether we should also change the
> default font chosen for each of sans and serif.
> This is your chance to have a large flamewar about a trivial matter.
> Ian.
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