[Breezy] vpnc wish and problem, usplash

Paul Sladen ubuntu at paul.sladen.org
Wed Sep 21 21:26:23 CDT 2005

On Thu, 22 Sep 2005, Carey O'Shea wrote:
> Tobias Marx wrote:
> > Tobias Marx schrieb:
> > so, usplash is working now. problem is that my laptop has got some 
> > problems with it´s resolution. the bottom of the screen can´t be seen 
> > it´s "out of the display" (i hope you can understand me ;) ).
> > should i file a bug for it or is this problem known?

Yes, please file a bug complete with details of your laptop.

> > furthermore i would like to have my ttys in a higher resolution than 
> > usplash. is this possible?

Not at the moment, unless you want to loose hibernation!

> Yeah this is a known bug, but it can be fixed however I don't know how. 
> My laptop suffers from the same problem, but only on Ubuntu and Debian. 

One solution maybe to use the 640x400 mode that the machines boot in and
which is the 'standard' vga mode, rather than 640x480 which is what vga16 is
switching it into.

Also need to check whether this:


got applied which fixes a related timing issue in vga16fb and probably
explains the video corruption if the display is stretched.

The summer is familiar here.  Edinburgh, GB

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