Search Reports in Malone

Wouter Stomp wouterstomp at
Tue Sep 20 13:26:05 CDT 2005

On 9/20/05, Bjorn Tillenius <bjorn at> wrote:

> >From your Launchpad person's page, it's possible to see "Bugs I
> reported". There's not yet a "Bugs I commented on", but it's a good
> suggestions, I'll note it down.

Nice, but not really an intuitive place, think it would be nice to
also have it in the list with search reports. Would it also be
possible to have both combined? For a typical user (not developer)
that would give a list of all the bugs he is interested in.

> When you say "my closed", do you mean bugs you reported, that are now
> closed?
How about a checkbox for 'include closed bugs'? So you could have this
option for every search query.


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