Michael Moore stuporglue at
Mon Sep 19 18:48:44 CDT 2005

> The Webwhacker xscreensaver is notorious for throwing up
> inappropriate content. Now while today its unlikely that most users
> would happen to install the extra pieces (something to provide
> /usr/dict/words,  netpbm and libjpeg-progs) it is not impossible that
> its requirements could change to something more slender in the
> future. xscreensaver ships with this particular plugin in the off
> state but since gnome-screensaver doesn't support this leading to a
> potential rerun of
> At least
> Ubuntu doesn't ship with random mode on by default.
> I believe the answer to this is to destroy gnome-screensaver's random
> option and show information about what each screensaver does (there
> is no way to know using gnome-screensaver that webcollage can show
> explicit content). Those who want a random mode can fetch
> xscreensaver prefs (or whatever it is called) and get on/off
> switches.

If something that can throw up pornography is included in the default
settings, I'll have to stop recomending Ubuntu to my friends and

Also, our UUG uses Ubuntu as it's recomended distro at install fests.
As we are a) associated with a university, and b) it's a conservative
university (, we wouldn't be able to use Ubuntu anymore.
It'd be pretty rough for any of us club officers if we got complaints
of installing porn on peoples computers.

I can't make decisions on what other people install on their
computers, but if this is a real risk in the default config, I'm
afraid I and BYU's UUG would have to abandon Ubuntu untill it is

Michael Moore

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