thundertoad dlist at ubuntuforums.org
Mon Sep 19 18:12:54 CDT 2005

I agree that one shouldnt generally get themselves software outside of
the repository world... but you know... thats just the thing...
sometimes you want to check out new things and see if your system will
work well with it. I understand that apps need to be ported to ubuntu
... but honestly I feel that if we have a little more integration ...
let me put it this way... if the platform dependency slowly became less
of an issue so that if you prefer to use OSX or Linux regardless of the
flavor ... then maybe something like a package like application system
java-esqe for lack of a better word... would give a wider appeal. 

Think about it this way... this is your hardware... you can run a
number of operating systems on it but you are limited by what is
developed for your specific operating system.. where as java is
platform independant... I like ubuntu.. I prefer it to many other
platforms but I am just frustrated by its limitation the amount of
applications it has available for it. and to top it all of I think java
is crap.

I understand that this is a free software... I think software should be
free but I do understand that programmers need to eat and have a right
to control what they write (aka code). If they want to release it
freely then so be it and if otherwise then that too I will respect.

This rant isnt anything you people havent heard or read before ... yet
I would still appreciate anyone's experience with the klik system. The
fact that its new... well it really isnt... osx uses it... I dont think
we should re-invent the wheel I think we should give success stories
that other operating systems have had a chance ... lets integrate what
works well with others... into our system. a good idea is a good idea
is a good idea.




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