FEATURE REQUEST: Unbroken screensaver.

Dan Holmsand holmsand at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 10:51:27 CDT 2005

George Barnett wrote:
> Currently, I'm unable to configure either a timeout (ie. when the
> screensaver starts) or the settings for each screensaver (eg. I'm stuck
> with the defaults which when playing with pretty openGL savers sucks.)

This is one of those annoying "me too" messages - I'm stumbling on 
gnome-screensaver as well...

Does anyone know why gnome-screensaver was chosen instead of xscreensaver?

xscreensaver is easy to use, unlocks *much* faster, and works with 
existing software (e.g. totem and mplayer - gnome-screensaver has the 
annoying habit of interrupting while totem and mplayer are playing. 
acpi-support also requires xscreensaver for the moment).

gnome-screensaver, on the other hand, doesn't seem very mature, with 
most stuff only configurable thru gconf-editor.

Sorry for the rant,


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