Ldap and Ubuntu server a no go - serious problems here.

Ivan Krstic krstic at hcs.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 16 14:12:02 CDT 2005

(Developers -- I proposed moving to the user list; if we're encroaching,

George Farris wrote:
> Since you have a highly successful install running perhaps you would
> be willing to send your configuration files so I can compare what
> might be different. 

I use the vanilla configuration that ships with slapd 2.1.30-3ubuntu3
that's in Hoary, the only modifications being the inclusion of several
custom schemata and access rules. I can send this to you, but I'm not
sure it would be of any use.

> I'm not
> per say passing judgement on a distribution just my experiences which
> have been extremely frustrating and I seriously want Ubuntu to
> succeed as a server.

Right, but "Ubuntu is extremely unstable" simply does not follow from
"I'm having problems with a particular version of a particular piece of
software I'm running under Ubuntu".

> I have done this only to find that the ldap server is bunged, I can't
> even restart it.  I have no idea why except that possibly the
> database is corrupt, however changing databases doesn't help.

My suggestions were aimed at giving you ways to be able to explain
'bunged' in greater detail. Have you straced the process? ltraced? gdb
attached? Can you figure out where it hangs? Can you narrow down the
hang to a repeatable scenario? Is there anything exotic about the
hardware or general setup you're running? Are you reading the database
files from a local filesystem - can remote locking issues be ruled out?
Do you have any other software problems on the same machine? Are there
any nightly resource-intensive tasks that coincide with the time the
server locks up? When you say 'every night', do you mean that it
consistently locks up at some point during the night, or do you mean
'after some period of running, shorter than 24 hours'? Does the problem
occur with a compiled version of the most recent OpenLDAP 2.2.x? What
about 2.3.x?

That would be a good first information set to work with in helping you
diagnose the issue.


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