Ldap and Ubuntu server a no go - serious problems here.

Ivan Krstic krstic at hcs.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 16 13:21:02 CDT 2005

George Farris wrote:
> We were hoping to use Ubuntu as a server but it really does seem extremely
> unstable.

You seem to be passing judgment on a distribution based on problems with
a particular piece of software. I find your report surprising, because
I've been running two busy LDAP servers with the BDB backend on Hoary
machines for months now, with absolutely no trouble since the moment
they were installed.

You also mention that, while the machine locks up pretty badly, you can
still interact with getty, just can't get a password prompt. In that
case, you might wish to try keeping a user logged in (either at the
console or remotely) overnight, so that you can inspect the system when
it locks up without having to log in. If this works, it'd let you
accurately gauge the level to which the system is borked. Failing that,
and depending on your comfort level, there's always kdb/kgdb. If you
want to try a different approach, you may wish to give the recently
open-sourced Fedora Directory Server Project,
http://directory.fedora.redhat.com/ a spin.

In any case, I don't think this belongs on -devel. It's probably
advisable to move the discussion to the user list.


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