NVIDIA modules not Found -BREEZY

sjoeboo sjoeboo at sjoeboo.com
Thu Sep 15 09:23:14 CDT 2005

<re-sent to devel list also, sorry for any dupes>

exact same thing happened to me about 2 days ago. i just went back to
the nv module, since i'm yet to be doing anythign where i need 3d accel,
but i would consider this a major issue if it is more than just one or 2
people having this problem. I am yet to attempt to do a manual install
from nvidia, only because it shouldn't have to be done, since all of
this was flawless in horay, and, from ym experiance, earlier releases in
breeezy. any ideas/comments?

Nathan Blackham wrote:

>I just upgraded my laptop to breezy and everything went smoothly
>except that it can't find the NVIDIA module.  I have all the packages
>I need installed (i.e. nvidia-glx, linux-restricted-modules for my
>kernel, etc).  I have browsed to /lib/modules/kernel
>version/kernel/drivers/video and there is no nvidia.ko file.  There is
>an nvidia directory but it contains a nvidiafb.ko file which is the
>frame buffer driver.  Any ideas?

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