Serpentine problems

Tiago Cogumbreiro cogumbreiro at
Wed Sep 14 07:35:14 CDT 2005

Hello list,

I'm the maintainer of Serpentine and am really happy to see it on Breezy!

However I am preparing a new release for it with basically bug fixes
but I don't know if I release a new version will it make it to Breezy?

I'm currently onto

But what's really been on my mind is this one (i'm just going to paste
the message I sent to Sebastien Bacher):

[...] I was wondering if you have any idea why is it appearing in
nautilusburn.Recorder a signature of:
progress-changed (gdouble, glong)

When it should be:
progress-changed (gdouble)

The signature of the signal on nautilus-cd-burner hasn't change in the
CVS version or on gnome versions before 2.11 so I am wondering what's
going wrong.

I've reviewed the diff's for python-gnome2-extras package and there is
nothing related to this.

PS: This is related to bug 14317

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