Spellcheck, a bug or just me?

eulerianpath dlist at
Mon Sep 12 21:36:04 CDT 2005

I just installed Breezy from an iso I burned two days ago.  I'm not sure
which "colony" I have, but I know it says I'm running Open Office 2.0. 
I've checked to see the spell checker worked (initially I had wanted to
see if it had a grammar checker).  While the autospell checker does seem
to autocorrect occasional errors, the spell checker never finds any of
my other egregious mispellings.  I checked, and my language is English
(USA) but I don't seem to see any dictionary downloaded (there is no
"ABC" next to default languages for documents).  If that's my
problem--how do I download a dictionary? And if that's not my
problem--what is? It seems like other people have had the same problem
and, if this is a bug it seems like a pretty big bug.  Hope someone can
help,  thanks.


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