hoary -> breezy (2005-09-08 daily) upgrade

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 9 02:08:30 CDT 2005

Hi Matthias!

Matthias Klose [2005-09-09  8:40 +0200]:
> Yesterday, I did have the opportunity to upgrade a hoary installation,
> which I didn't install myself, so knowing anything about the state of
> the system. Inserting the install CD, starting the upgrade:
> - libc6 question asking about restarting services. That question
>   appears in the "Details window" only. No Gtk popup.


> - wamarican/wbritish question (using a Gtk popup).

conffile question? Hm, can you please file a bug?

> - still some questions about changed conffiles in Xorg (Xsession
>   was one of them) (-58 version of xorg).

That is due to a dpkg bug. Ian Jackson has a fix, but it is currently
not clear whether we should put it into Breezy.

> - Near the end / at the end the update program did crash/quit/terminate?
>   No message that it did finish correctly. Calling a dpkg --configure
>   --pending revealed nothing to be done, so it looked all went ok.

For me scrolling in the terminal window just stopped as well, but the
dialog said that the installation was finished. It's a bit hard to
notice, though.

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