hoary -> breezy (2005-09-08 daily) upgrade

Matthias Klose doko at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 9 01:40:06 CDT 2005

Yesterday, I did have the opportunity to upgrade a hoary installation,
which I didn't install myself, so knowing anything about the state of
the system. Inserting the install CD, starting the upgrade:

- libc6 question asking about restarting services. That question
  appears in the "Details window" only. No Gtk popup.

- wamarican/wbritish question (using a Gtk popup).

- still some questions about changed conffiles in Xorg (Xsession
  was one of them) (-58 version of xorg).

- Near the end / at the end the update program did crash/quit/terminate?
  No message that it did finish correctly. Calling a dpkg --configure
  --pending revealed nothing to be done, so it looked all went ok.

- Rebooting the system, the system started up using usplash and did
  hang at starting ntpdate. Waiting the usual 30 seconds didn't help.
  Restarting without usplash was a workaround.

- gdm did fail to start, what was worse: I didn't have any keyboard,
  however the power button still did work for a shutdown.

- Finding out that xorg.conf was not updated, doing the update manually
  (Driver keyboard -> kbd, font paths lib -> share) allowed me to
  start gdm.

After fixing these problems, the system did look as stable as known from
the current archive.

Not upgrading xorg.conf (wether it's manually modified or not) is nasty,
maybe we can add some sanity check in the gdm init scriupt to detect the
most obvious things like the keyboard driver and the font paths?

A note to update the language packs from the net would be nice, as these
are the only packages, which cannot be updated from the CDs.

Btw, that was a system used at a booth doing openoffice.org
presentations, so at least the owner now can show a recent release :)


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