Jorge Bernal koke at
Thu Sep 8 15:57:49 CDT 2005

On Thursday 08 September 2005 03:45, xbaez wrote:
> Amarok 1.3 beta is AMAZING
> I can create a .deb file and a libtag file as well, but I don't know
> how to create .deb files for amarok-realplayer, amarok-xine...

That is not the problem. I made a package for updated taglib some weeks ago, 
and I guess amarok 1.3 will not be difficult to pacakge, but upstream version 
freeze started long time ago, and there's no reason to break it.

And the "it's amazing" is not enough. I know amarok and know that 1.3 is much 
better and have nice features, but most of the programs are better in higher 
versions ;)


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