Further usplash development

Ricardo Pérez López ricpelo at ono.com
Thu Sep 8 05:49:50 CDT 2005


I tried usplash in Colony-4, and I think it looks very well.

But I see usplash only during startup, not during shutdown.

What about using usplash during machine shutdown, too?



El mar, 30-08-2005 a las 04:52 +0100, Matthew Garrett escribió:
> 1) Make sure that you're running 2.6.12-7
> 2) apt-get install usplash lsb-base initramfs-tools
> 3) dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-`uname -r`
> 4) ???
> 5) Profit
> Hibernate is currently broken if you're using usplash - this should be 
> fixed in the next kernel release. Some lines are wrapped incorrectly. 
> This should be fixed in the next usplash release. The artwork isn't 
> final, but it's produced by someone who can draw (rather than me) so 
> it's significantly more attractive. Some people may have strange fringes 
> of different colours around the picture - this ought to be fixed in the 
> next usplash release as well.
> Bug reports plskthxbi
> -- 
> Matthew Garrett | mjg59 at srcf.ucam.org

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