Colony 4 Install report.

Adrián De León adrian.deleon at
Wed Sep 7 23:16:05 CDT 2005

(I tried sending this mail 2 days ago, but I think it got caught in the list 
spam filter since I was not subscribed to this list. If it appears twice, my 

Hello, I just downloaded and installed Breezy Colony 4 and here is my 
install report:

Problem #1
In the partition menu, during install, I selected the option to 
Partition/Resize (first option) and the install froze.

In the other VTs, the following messages where displayed:

"Found all physical volumes, this may take a while"
"Found volume group "Ubuntu" has metadata type LVM2"

/dev/hda has a WinXP NTFS partition, a VFAT partition, one swap and two ext3 
partitions (Hoary install)
/dev/hdc had a LVM partition (Colony 3) I was planning on installing Colony 
4 here.

I waited for 10 minutes and then rebooted and tried to install again. 

Problem #2

After being asked the language, I pressed enter by mistake on the location 
menu, selecting the default (USA) I tried to go back and select the correct 
location(Mexico) but the installer didn't had an option to return to the 
location menu, I could go back to the language menu and then to the keyboard 
menu, but not the location menu.

Problem #3

Since I have a WinXP and Hoary install on the same machine, I tried to 
change the name of the GRUB image so I would boot by default to Horay. I 
went to System -> Administration -> Boot 

I clicked on the properties button on the Hoary image, and changed the name, 
then I clicked on OK and the program crashed.

I clicked on the "Inform Developers" button, and Bug Buddy came up.

I tried to send a bug report (I don't know if Bug Buddy reports to the Gnome 
or Ubuntu Bugzilla):

Bug Buddy asked me which application or component i was reporting on. 
boot-admin didn't appear on the Application options, I clicked on components 
and had a huge list to select from.

I assumed that Boot was part of the Gnome System Tools, but a less advanced 
user would be lost by this point. Bug Buddy should take the name of the app 
from the crashed window dialog. 

After selecting the right component and writing a bug report, Bug Buddy 
tried to send the bug report by mail. The problem is that sendmail or an 
equivalent command is not installed by default, and even if it would, it 
would not be configured to send mail (my ISP blocks the mail port).

So a normal user trying to send a bug report would fail even if he manages 
to guess the correct component.


Adrián De León Saldivar

adl at
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