Brandon Hale brandon at
Fri Oct 28 17:33:39 CDT 2005

> Hello All
> iFolder is a Mono application which backs up and synchronises files
> across multiple machines. You can find more information on
> However, iFolder has some licensing issues which have meant it couldn't
> be packaged up and included in Breezy. The backend database (Flaim) is
> not an open source product as it powers other products such as GroupWise
> and eDirectory. Flaim can not be redistributed without permission from
> Novell. So, we are going to try and solve this and get iFolder into the
> repository for Dapper.
> After talking to the iFolder Development Team, they seem to be willing
> to do some sort of deal. On the advice on Daniel (dholbach) and Jorge
> (whiprush), we have decided to take this matter to the next Technical
> Board meeting. Some of the guys from Novell are going to attend this
> meeting to explain the situation and how it can be solved. Jared Allen
> is going to contact the Flaim development team before Tuesday so he can
> give us as much information as possible on the situation. I'd be
> interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.

As I understand it the role of the tech board is to resolve technical
issues that could not be easily reconciled through the usual channels. I
am not sure what you would expect of them in this case, it sounds to me
that the ball is in Novell's court. Ubuntu certainly can't fix licensing
issues with their software.

As a side note, Martin Meredith (Mez) has already done alot of leg work in
talking to the iFolder guys and ironing out both legal and technical
hurdles to distributing iFolder in Ubuntu. It would be great if you could
include him in this seemingly new line of discussion.

I also greatly prefer that new Mono packaging be coordinated with the
Debian Mono Group (, and I hope that
any deals or solutions you coordinate with Novell can extend to Debian. I
can only offer this as a suggestion, of course.

Brandon Hale

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