Jeff Bailey jbailey at
Mon Oct 24 18:24:56 CDT 2005

Le mardi 25 octobre 2005 à 01:10 +0200, Jeff Waugh a écrit :
> <quote who="Ewan Mac Mahon">
> > 1) This is a wishlist one :-) You have to track down and alter the
> > defaults files yourself, it'd be really handy if there was some
> > semi-automatic way of altering the common things like wallpaper, Firefox
> > start page etc, like maybe copying them from the oem users settings on
> > logout.
> I'd like to work on some Sabayon / custom stuff for branding with the OEM
> installer. I think we'll spec it at UBZ, but I'm not sure how likely it will
> be for us to put it at high priority for Dapper.

We have a gconf path for Sabayon, as well as paths for local branding in
Breezy, so you can either use it, or distribute debs that contain the
branding through a custom install hack or afterwards.

Jeff Bailey

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