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Sun Oct 23 19:22:21 CDT 2005

Silly. Users would be just as bad off if spyware were to edit
their .xsession. Or add a startup item to gnome-session. Or
edit .bash_profile. Or one of a billion things. Last I checked, in OS X,
installing a program was as simple as dragging it to Applications in
most cases... and this doesn't require root.

The only reason OS X doesn't have the spyware problem of Windows is
because there isn't any spyware written for it.

Nothing more.

Same with us. Eventually, if Linux continues to gain ground, we'll have
spyware too. Not a big deal.

On Sun, 2005-10-23 at 17:45 -0600, Michael Moore wrote:
> > I concur on the point that making .debs able to "double click" install
> > would basically turn them into .exes, and introduce the spyware problem.
> > However you still need to input the password to install it. I think that
> > that little interruption in the "Click-Click-Click" process would make
> > at least some people thing about what they are about to install...
> OSX doesn't seem to have the spyware problems Windows does, but it's
> very easy to install programs. I think the *nix permissions structure
> make this work the same on Linux and OSX but different from Windows.
> On OSX, if the user isn't an admin, they can install the program to a
> folder they own, but not to the main Applications folder. If the
> default action for double clicking were to install to a users home
> directory somewhere, they at least couldn't hose the machine. Also on
> OSX, the first time you run a program, you get a warning about "first
> time, do you really want to do this" etc.
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