HC Brugmans hcbrugmans at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 05:47:39 CDT 2005

Eric Feliksik wrote:
> Jeff Waugh wrote:
>> So, I tend to think we need to strongly link 'Ubuntu' and its
>> applicability
>> as a server so this kind of confusion doesn't set in. Here's my
>> suggestion:
>> We should always list the server CD as a 'flavour' of the official
>> Ubuntu CD
>> set, much like the LiveCD. For example:
>>  * Ubuntu 5.10
>>    - Desktop Installation CD -> a complete desktop environment with
>> all the
>>      applications you'd expect... and more! Includes a full office suite,
>>      web browser, email and groupware client and even a few simple games.
>>         - Desktop Live CD -> a 'live' demonstration version of the
>> Ubuntu desktop
>>      that you can safely run on your computer without changing your
>> existing
>>      operating system. A great way to show off Ubuntu to your friends!
>>       - Server Installation CD -> built specifically for server
>> administrators,
>>      this modified CD installs a minimal Ubuntu server system and
>> includes
>>      installable packages for many popular Open Source server tools
>> such as
>>      Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
>> That way, hopefully, our users don't think it's a totally new thing!
>> Thanks,
>> - Jeff
> Is the point really only to clear the confusion? In that case, another
> option *could* be to just have the "Ubuntu provides a full featured
> server system, which can be installed from the Desktop installation cd"
> advertisement wherever the server-cd would be listed (
> http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/5.10/ , etcetera). It would have a similar
> seperate header "Server Installation", along with the live- and
> desktop-option. So people think "hey, I want the server installation
> cd... Ow wait, it's not a seperate cd!". This will make people aware of
> the fact that there is a server possibility too, but maybe it makes some
> people think server from desktop-installer is a 2nd class citizen.
> Otherwise (if the proposed server install cd provides server stuff the
> current desktop cd does not/can not, e.g. because of the limitations of
> the cd size), there is not much to consider, so let's have the seperate
> server cd.

I think the piont here should be how to avoid confusion, because there
are already many ubuntu-branches, deriviates etc.
People need to know that Ubuntu is behind Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu,
and their respective flavors. That this is not fracturation of the
community, and that these are not 'seperate', they're all working from
the same base, to the same goal, through a different means.

It is not unlikely that if this trend continues unstructured, the amount
of 'brands' based on ubuntu will explode, and people will get lost in
the meriad of options offered.

I say we need to provide a definitive resource, prominently listed on
the site, listing all the projects, their featureset, intended audience
and featureset, as well as the fact that one can easily turn an
ubuntu-minimal install to a kde-desktop or an edubuntu-server-setup with
about 2 mouseclicks.


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