New sound theme proposal for the 6.04 release

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Tue Oct 18 09:16:41 CDT 2005

Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:

>>especially anything that may improve the overall desktop appeal, I was
>>wondering whether you would be willing to consider adoption of my sound
>>theme into your upcoming 6.04 version? If you would like to learn more
>>the sound theme and/or download it, it is freely available at:
It would be fantastic to form a team around this. Ivica, would you
consider doing that? I'm absolutely open to a new sound theme for
Dapper, we have wanted to do something great with sounds for Hoary and
Breezy and not had any strong contributions yet. So this is a good area
to contribute if you have the skills.

I like the idea of a theme that is not intrusive. It's a reasonable
criticism of Ubuntu to say that its "noisy", it does tend to talk quite
a lot, and the sounds are not polished nor are they consistent. I would
love a sound scheme which is in keeping with the Human theme - warm,
polished sounds.

Some other thoughts:

  - Kubuntu would also benefit from this work. I don't know to what
extent they would want to harmonise the sound themes - KDE has quite a
different "feel" to Gnome and so a different sound theme may be a
requirement there.

  - I would like to see deep work done on the actual apps. Get the same
sound going for a new private conversation in BOTH Gaim and X-chat AND
the KDE IM app. Get the same sound for a new email message on Evolution
AND Thunderbird AND the KDE equivalent (though KDE might need to be
different, see above).

  - The ESD framework we currently use for sound seems to have issues
with syncronization (as does the KDE one). Is there anything we can do
to improve that? Make it so clicking results in a sound, not a pause and
then a belated click sound?


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