New sound theme proposal for the 6.04 release

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at
Mon Oct 17 22:29:47 CDT 2005

Any thoughts?

Best wishes,


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> Greetings all!
> My name is Ivica Ico Bukvic and I am a long-term Linux
> user/developer/enthusiast, as well as musician/composer. After working
> with
> Redhat, Mandrake (Mandriva) and Debian, I've been using Ubuntu for a
> little
> bit over a year now and have been very much impressed by the amount of
> refinement and polish this particular distribution has. Needless to
> mention,
> I intend to stick with Ubuntu for some time to come.
> At any rate, I have a small pet project that I've started in my pursuit of
> adding more "polish" to my desktop. The project in question is a desktop
> sound theme which can be used in conjunction with either KDE or GNOME
> desktop (although by default it comes with an installer for KDE only).
> I've
> posted the theme on the and since its debut it I've received
> a
> number of encouraging comments. Although I spoke with the KDE developers
> regarding its possible assimilation into the KDE project, my timing has
> been
> relatively poor as I had contacted the devs shortly after the KDE project
> changed its sound theme, so they justifiably did not feel like altering
> the
> sound theme yet once more in a matter of weeks/months.
> Considering, however, that the Ubuntu distro apparently seems to be very
> receptive to the continuous, "bleeding-edge" improvements and upgrades,
> especially anything that may improve the overall desktop appeal, I was
> wondering whether you would be willing to consider adoption of my sound
> theme into your upcoming 6.04 version? If you would like to learn more
> about
> the sound theme and/or download it, it is freely available at:
> NB: The theme has not been updated in a while due to some unexpected turns
> in my personal life. However, should there be interest in its adoption I
> could definitely commit to completing the theme by adding sounds to just
> about any KDE and/or GNOME app that would require a fresh sound event. In
> its current state, it covers just about every core KDE event except for 1:
> the "CD burning failed" sound event.

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