Lorenzo E. Danielsson lordan at backa97.org
Mon Oct 17 20:07:33 CDT 2005

I have tried to gather a few Ubuntu users here in Ghana who would be
interested in working on Ubuntu. So far I've just managed to get a few
people, mostly from our local LUGs and a few from the place where I

Most of the guys are relatively new to Linux. A few of them have more
experience. I've got a few of them to sign up on the mailing lists, lurk
on the IRC channels and start reading up on things like packaging. I'm
trying to mentor, but work and kids tend to get in the way, so I can't
dedicate as much time as I'd like to.

I'd like to find a way that these guys can receive a bit of help to get
started without it negatively affecting any work on making Dapper the
greatest Ubuntu yet. One the one hand, I'm hoping to be able to build up
future contributors to Ubuntu, and on the other hand I want to some of
our Ghanaian developers to get some exposure to larger projects,
something they really need.

Currently what we've got is a mailing list and a Jabber chat room that
we meet in.

What I'd like to know is how best I can get my group to be active
participants. Is there anybody out there who might have a bit of time on
their hands and could help out with some mentoring? Where do you think
would be the best place to start them off? MOTU? Localization? We have
some people working on l10n at LinuxAccra.

I will also be teaching Gtk/Gnome application development from next
month. These are second year students and it would be interesting to get
some of the students to take up Ubuntu related projects for their
project work. I'm sure the Center would approve of that as well.

Finally thanks for all the great work you all have been doing so far.
Some of us here like to think of Ubuntu as "the African distro" and we'd
like to see it have more African contributors.

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