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Sandis Neilands [2005-10-16  3:33 +0300]:
> I installed breezy today and immediately created 3 more users. The weird
> thing is that the home directory of an account created during installation
> has different permisions (drwxr-xr-x) than home directories of others made
> by me later (drwx------). Should it be that way or should i file a bug? And
> if bug, then which is broken - installer or "users and gorups"?

Neither is actually "broken"; which one is right depends on your
prefered level of default security, and whether or not you want to
share data with other users.

However, the defaults should be consistent; can you please file a bug?
Then the most suitable default can be discussed there.

Having no access at all for other users is not the right default IMHO.
At least, it should be 701 to allow Apache to read ~/public_html.

Thanks for spotting this!

Martin Pitt
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Debian Developer
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