Analyzing and improving GNOME startup time

Carey O'Shea carey at
Thu Oct 6 06:06:22 CDT 2005

Vincent Trouilliez wrote:

>On Thu, 2005-10-06 at 12:14 +0200, Martin Holt Juliussen wrote:
>>Found this page some days ago:
>>Hope it can be at least a interesting read for the developers of the
>>distribution I like so much:-) 
>>It seems like it's been a lot a work on that subject already.
>It's nice to see they are concerned about speed, however to me at least,
>I don't care much how much time it takes to load Gnome (it takes only 15
>seconds or so here at a rough guess, not very fast, but hardly slow
>either), but I do cry at how sluggish it is when running. It seems
I agree, the running speed is also crucial and needs vast improvements. 
However, improving the startup time certainly doesn't hurt the running 
speed, so I say why not, especially when the patches seems simple (such 
as merging the config files into one file, among other changes).

As for running speed, I believe that nautilus should load instantly on a 
cold start, instead of 5 seconds or so. Same goes with the gnome 
applications menu (which takes ~3 seconds to load from cold start on my 
laptop). Perhaps there is an equivalent page that has similar 
information, but for post logged-in speeds?

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