gdm: dropping the "secure action menu" patch

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Tue Nov 29 17:08:04 GMT 2005


The Debian package of gdm has "secure action menu" patch. It adds an
option to  require the root password to use the "action menu" items
(restart, ...). 
This change is a diversion of upstream, not trivial code (change to some
hundreds of lines of code) and quite bugged (it doesn't apply to
gdmflexiserver by example, so anybody still can call gdmflexiserver or
use the session dialog to do these actions). 
I suggest to drop this patch from the Ubuntu package, since we only use
sudo by default it's quite useless for Ubuntu anyway. That will make gdm
easier to maintain/update (upstream code is quite moving and updating
the patch for every new version takes some hours). If nobody has an
objection I'll drop it for the next gdm upload. 


Sebastien Bacher

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