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Colin Watson cjwatson at
Tue Nov 29 13:32:20 GMT 2005

We currently have 81 merge bugs for main open, down from 120-odd at last
Thursday's meeting. It would be very nice to clear all or almost all of
these out by this Thursday's meeting. Some are blocked on major work
like the upcoming kernel/udev changes, but the bulk of the outstanding
merges shouldn't be.

Merge bug counts by assignee:

17 Jonathan Riddell
16 Matthias Klose
11 Charles Majola
10 Martin Pitt
 5 Adam Conrad
 4 Jeff Bailey
 3 Scott James Remnant
 2 Ben Collins
 2 Daniel Holbach
 2 Oliver Grawert
 2 Sébastien Bacher
 1 Colin Watson
 1 Daniel Stone
 1 Fabio M. Di Nitto
 1 LaMont Jones
 1 Reinhard Tartler
 1 Sebastian Dröge
 1 Tollef Fog Heen

Please try to clear as many of these out by Thursday as you can; it is
important that we finish the initial merge push soon so that we can have
as much time as possible to assess bugs introduced by those merges. If
you feel you have too many to handle by Thursday, please find somebody
else to help you; there are now several core developers with light merge
loads who should be able to take on a few extra.


Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at]
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