Using VMWare for Dapper testing

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Mon Nov 28 21:59:36 GMT 2005


Please, this is not a troll, although some people may take it as such...

I was wondering if anyone here gave a thought about using VMWare for testing
purposes (for Dapper, specifically). Of course, VMWare is a commercial piece
of software, but given the availability of the free VMWare player, I
wondered if it would be a good idea to have pre-built Dapper images
available as VMWare player files. These images would facilitate testing and
evaluation of Dapper. Based on my limited experience, I also believe that
VMWare player performs better than the LiveCD. Then some tests could be
easily performed; for example, installing and removing packages at will.

There are obviously two problems with this idea:

1) It does not exercise the hardware, as the VM hardware is uniform. For
some situations this is actually an advantage because it removes one
potential source for problems;

2) The packager would need to have a copy of VMWare Workstation in order to
be able to generate the player images. This may or not turn out to be a
problem though. (In fact there are recipes/hacks on how to build an image
with the player, but I guess that's not exactly within the spirit of the
player's license).

Does the idea make sense?

Carlos Ribeiro
Consultoria em Projetos
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mail: carribeiro at
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