inclusion of ksh instead of pdksh

Oliver Kiddle okiddle at
Mon Nov 28 12:39:55 GMT 2005

I notice that Ubuntu includes the pdksh but not the ksh package from
Debian. The real ksh was only this year released under a fully open
source licence (CPL) and I presume that the decision to include pdksh
predates this. Can I suggest that you consider including the real ksh
instead. Redhat made this change for Fedora 4.

In my opinion, it would be a sensible change: pdksh doesn't seem to
been updated in over 6 years while ksh is still actively maintained by
AT&T research. pdksh has a few random unique features (mostly bashisms)
that are not supported by ksh while the real ksh has a many features
lacking in pdksh.

Note that I'm the Debian maintainer for ksh. I'd be happy to help in
way that I can if you choose to package ksh for Ubuntu.



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