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Sun Nov 27 16:21:17 CST 2005

I don't agree  with the disk-space dependent behavior. That would defeat 
the purpose of  "Trash", from the trash feature you expect to be able to 
recover from a delete operation at least for a small amount time, it 
should be seen as a data safety mechanism and not as "nice to have" 
based on the disk free space.

In my opinion, the lack of disk space should require some investigation 
by the user, deleting data from trash/cache could be a tip, but not 
something to be done automated.

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Till Varoquaux wrote:

>Actually my beleif is that it should be emptied when the system is low
>on harddrive space. That way the user will never actually have to
>bother about empying the trash. Actually I also the
>/var/cahe/apt/archives should also be purged when harddrive space is
>getting rare. Maybe there should be a centralized mechanism that gets
>called back when the user attains a given level on her harddrive.
>On 11/27/05, Ante Karamatic <ivoks at> wrote:
>>I noticed that Trash/Recycle Bin/Wastebasket isn't completed
>>"application" on any platform. Biggest problem with trash is that it
>>gets filled and rarely gets purged.
>>Shouldn't Trash purge automaticly after some period of time? Let's say
>>that, by default, it never get's clean, but user should be able to
>>define some amount of time when Trash get's automaticlly cleaned. On
>>every startup applet should check for files older then N days and remove
>>them if user wants for files to stay in Trash for N days. On the other
>>hand, some of use don't log out for couple of days :) Maybe some other
>>way of implementation?
>>Could this be possible since "deleting to trash" is acctually simple
>>move to other location (preservs ctime and atime)?
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