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Fri Nov 25 17:34:05 CST 2005

On Fri, 2005-11-25 at 14:21 -0800, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> > Nov 24 06:18:05 <Keybuk>	udev-roadmap: mostly done.  rcS script
> needs polish and the whole thing needs a bit more testing.  grepmap is
> to be kept, and updated for input subsystem and libsane.  still got to
> sort out udeb.  waiting on 2.6.15-4
> 2.6.15-4 seems to have landed; do you have an estimate of when this can
> land?
> I saw your bootchart and am eager to try it out here.
There's a few release notes with it at the moment, but I'm booting with
it now:

 * sound card won't get configured, maybe
 * network cards probably won't get brought up on boot
 * pcmcia probably doesn't work
 * framebuffer modules get loaded during boot
 * most of /etc/rcS.d is in the wrong order so you get odd errors and
   warnings during boot  (in particular, I want to make /var/run a
   tmpfs to avoid some chicken/egg problems)
 * joysticks, mice and touchpad don't get plugged -- unless loaded
   in /etc/modules (fortunately we do this for psmouse -- usually causes
   synaptics pad special features to get disabled though)

All of these are small fixes hopefully, and are on my TODO for next week
-- I don't see any of them as blockers for uploading, the only "baddish"
one is the network thing, and anyone running dapper should know about
"ifup" :)

If you agree, it's ready for uploading now.

> > Nov 24 06:18:05 <Keybuk>	network-manager: largely no progress,
> discovered it doesn't seem to bring up wifi interfaces until a user
> logs in.  blocked on glibc dns patch.  might not be doable anyway.
> If this really isn't the right solution, we need to be thinking right now
> about an alternative to provide the bits of functionality we need: switching
> between wireless networks, different network interfaces in the desktop,
> automatic configuration attempts, etc.
I still need to seriously investigate this further, but at the moment my
gut feeling is that network-manager would be great if it were more than
10% completed.  I'm heavily tempted to suggest netapplet for dapper,
it's a lot less invasive and suffices for the "click between wireless
networks" use-cases.

Scott James Remnant
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