Manu Cornet Manu.Cornet at
Thu Nov 24 06:01:51 CST 2005

Hi !

> I agree that (2) is not a great option. In the past, it has been
> suggested to just look if the user was in the admin group. Is there
> any big drawback to this?

Right, a few months ago [1] I implemented this by adding a
"X-Ubuntu-RootRequired" (IIRC) field in the desktop files, which is set
either to true (the item is hidden from non-admin users), false (nothing
is hidden) or optional (for programs that can still provide useful
information, even without root privilege -- then launch them without
gksu if the user is non-admin).

Checking whether the use is admin or not is done, like Vincent said,
just by looking if he belongs to the admin group. This doesn't need to
check any of the .desktop files' permissions.

However this doesn't seem to have made it into Breezy (maybe it was too
late, or wasn't yet tested enough ? Huh... seb128, help ? ;-) ).

Would this be a good solution to the problem you rise, or there's a big
problem I didn't see ?


[1] "GNOME Menus and
sudo" section

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