Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Nov 24 04:18:07 CST 2005

Daniel Robitaille wrote:

>which comes back to an old minor pet peeve of mine:  in my mind
>restricted should only be enabled for Ubuntu installations that need
>it for specific hardware.  (I suspect it is not easy from a technology
>point of view; if it was, I guess it would have been done  a long time
We've registered "" for an ideologically-pure derivative.

Have had some discussion with RMS about this. He's supportive of the
idea but not the name... we may go ahead with the name as it is, since I
think it perfectly captures the link to both projects. The idea would be
to setup that derivative to include only stuff that's FSF-blessed (even
if the FSF doesn't bless the name of the aggregation).

If anyone is keen to work on that, please let me know. It would require
some knowledge of the core tools of managing a derivative. The Ututo
guys may or may not be interested in helping out - they already work on
a core that is FSF-blessed, so this might save them a lot of work.


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