Manu Cornet manu.cornet at
Tue Nov 22 17:14:30 CST 2005

Hi !

> These are great work but I have some concerns:
> 1. All the icons are the same shape. Here is good exercise when making
> icons. Change them to two-tone black and white and then try and use
> them

Right. Well, the initial concept is indeed to play on the color more
than on the icon shape (a few people seemed to agree, but maybe that's
not so great an idea ?). For a normal user (I mean, apart from
accessibility issues), wouldn't different colors be as distinguishable
as different shapes ? Of course, in the "High contrast" version of these
icons, we could just delete the round button and just leave the icon
inside, in black.

Or maybe you had something else in mind, what do you suggest ? Again, I
just wanted to start the discussion, I am ready to just start them over
with a completely different idea :)

> 2. They are quite shiny, almost KDE in look. I don't know how they
> would work within Gnome.

I agree, maybe they are a bit too shiny. I could make them look more
like what the "Humility" icon theme looks, which I think is just a
little shiny, but not too much ?

> Userful has a logout icon which I think is a stock Gnome one. It is a
> brown door that is slightly ajar. However the feeback on this is that
> people don't really know what it is. To qualify that, the icon is also
> in a totally non-standard place on the panel.

So you mean that the "door" kind of icon is just not intuitive enough ?
I also thought of a rectangle, with a bit of its right hand side being
cut a little, and an horizontal arrow going to the right. But that is
quite classic. Any other suggestions ?


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