Manu Cornet manu.cornet at
Tue Nov 22 16:40:11 CST 2005

Hi !

> I don't think being different just for the sake of being different is a
> particularly worthwhile endeavor, 

Right, sorry if I made it sound that way. I simply think round icons
would just look and feel good.

> especially since your example breaks
> users' UI expectations.

Why is that ?

> You might consider creating a mockup or two while the discussion is
> still in progress, as UI issues are always easier to discuss when
> there's a picture to look at.

Sure :) I didn't make a full mockup of the session window since I'm not
sure about what it would look like, but I did make a try at designing
four icons :

*These are not yet optimized for their "real size"* (they would be much
smaller), I just believe a bigger size will make the discussion (what
kind of icons should be done) easier for now. Shrinking them to their
real usable size will probably need a few more adjustments.

All right, I am willing to keep working on those until people on this
list are satisfied (at least I hope I'll be able to do that), so don't
hesitate to suggest other things. I made these just to let the
discussion begin.


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